Rediscover the legend One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos, reopening April 20, 2015

Idyllically set on a soft sandy beach along the idyllic Baja peninsula, where exhilaration and serenity thrive in blissful harmony, wake to azure waves gracing the shoreline. Enjoy seasonal whale-watching from boat or your balcony. Be pampered with One&Only Spa and Beauty treatments. Linger over just-caught fish dressed with Jean-Georges’ signature East-West fusion of flavours at Cabos’ hottest Dining Destination.

Welcome to One&Only Palmilla, the best of Los Cabos Resorts.

洛斯卡沃斯 One&Only 帕尔米亚豪华度假村酒店是一处富丽典雅的休憩之所,这里处处洋溢着轻松、愉悦、安宁的氛围,带您感受喜乐和谐的美丽景象。

风光旖旎的下加利福尼亚半岛海岸边上是一片广阔柔软的沙滩,太平洋的汹涌波涛在此与科特斯海的涓涓细浪汇合,古老的山形沙漠环绕着位于柔软沙滩上的酒店,一片丰饶繁华、典雅迷人的青翠绿洲呈现您的眼前。 欢迎来到洛斯卡沃斯顶级度假酒店——One&Only 帕尔米亚豪华度假村酒店,感受愉悦、安宁、幸福、和谐的氛围。